Everybody has already fraternised with the time-honoured cliche “Like a fine wine, you get better with age”. Some of us stumbled upon this quote on Pinterest, some used it as a social media caption for our birthday group photo and some experienced it on their skin. But as much as it is a hackneyed phrase, it has not only one grain of truth, but multiple of them. In a lucrative industry where the average retirement age scarcely passes 30 years old, it is in our natural drive to raise our eyebrows doubtfully when we stagger upon mature models. 

Is there a distinct niche they are filling? Are they earning as much money as their rookie, younger counterparts? And more importantly, the question on everyone’s lips is whether if there is a place for them in the camming industry. Call it a gray wave, but mature models are certainly making a splash in the adult industry, bringing their timeless, mature beauty and masterful seduction dexterity to the stage. Beware, young models – fans have been always flocking to the milf magic side of camming for obvious reasons. 

mature models

Mature models have seen this industry through both its most flourishing and dark times. The decades worth of experience acquired through thousands of online hours talk for themselves. Unmistakably, mature models are pros when it comes to teasing and tempting enough to deliver a complete state of ecstasy to the sea of viewers. Sure, camming, when you are not a young adult anymore, can be a bit more challenging, but far from impossible. Here are some useful tips to continue your thriving cam model career into your 40s, 50s and beyond. 

Another year closer to becoming a milf 

Picture the steps that you need to take as a fine dining experience. The first instinct is to go online instantly and build a community of members – but that is the main dish while branding yourself is the entree. As a mature model, you fulfill a specific niche that is perfectly tailored to the milf lovers’ demands. 

Remember Jennifer Coolidge’s iconic performance as Stiffler’s mom in the ‘90s teen comedy “American Pie”? That is the segment you perform in – the matured, sophisticated woman that everybody thinks about when they masturbate, but few have the opportunity to experience. Use this to your advantage – whether by including the term in your model name, bio or both. 

mature models

Welcome curiosity with open arms 

First things first – there are two types of guests who have a thing for mature camming models. Those who land on live streaming platforms especially looking for milfs and gilfs and the rest, who bashfully scroll through your profile before putting their credit card details first. Perceive the second category as an unopened chest. In other words, you can easily convert the timid lurkers into devoted members who will almost instantly get addicted to emotional and physical maturity. 

Most likely, you already know the drill – there is nothing more we can teach you. Interact as much as you can with them, but beware of the fact that most users are going to be the definition of shy in the first place. Members like this are indeed a time investment, but you will soon reap the rewards of it. 

Mature models? Scientifically proved! 

Academic studies show that individuals who are sexually attracted to mature models desire to learn a few things about pleasure (both emotional and physical) from someone who has tremendous experience in the art of seduction. Consequently, that gives you an edge when it comes to bringing qualitative over quantitive traffic to your chatroom because the “talent pool” for your specific niche is much smaller comparing to other ones. 

Indeed, you may not get the same volume as the younger models when it comes to traffic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your earnings are going to follow in the same manner. Remember, the traffic you get is more likely to bring you the same customers who are looking to spend top-dollar sums repetitively.