If you want to know what is like to dress up as a character and stream yourself to hundreds of people while you are being asked to do naughty things or get naked, then you have came to the right place.


While cosplaying is very funny to me and I enjoy doing this, it also takes a lot of work, time and resources.

From the very first moment I have seen that people enjoy this, I knew I have to get more serious about it. The steps were actually very simple. Regularly you will sign up to a webcam site and then verify the account and BOOM you can start to broadcast. The good part is that you don’t even get to undress yourself if you don’t want to.

Behind the cam

Your members can buy tokens and then tip you. That’s basically how you will gain your income. But if you want to be successful in this area you have to go extra with your efforts. This is the main reason why I write my own scripts and do my own videos. It usually take a day or two for me to get everything done. After I do that then I can choose my outfits, do my makeup and then I am ready to go.

Before I got into the cosplay thing, I had a totally different personality and my character is entirely the person I wanted to become. I love being this whole new person while I am live on the stream. I enjoy the power and the confidence that this role gives me.

You are your own persona

I choose my character based on a game that I used to play online with the boys when I was a child, Dota 2. I used to play a lot with Invoker so I decided to recreate this character. He had long beautiful white hair and white eyes and I fell for it. One of the most complex and complicated character to play with since he had a lot of hard spells. But of course, sometimes I go for different characters as well.

Most of my members wants me to undress myself and do naughty things. There are also people who appreciate my work and are actually impressed with my content.

Camming in the cosplay area is a full time job for me. This is why when I disconnect I still make it a part of my life. I keep in touch with every member I have and I always keep them updated. It takes a lot of time but it also makes me happy.

If you want to try doing Cosplay, you have to prepare and be fully invested. The effort is seen and appreciated by the members. They observe every single detail from hair to makeup, clothes and accessories.