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Being a webcam model is hard work and more if you want to stand out with so much competition.

Some people think it is just sitting in front of a camera but in reality there is a lot of prep work. You have to think about many aspects before your broadcast, such as:. What are you going to start using? How are you going to do your makeup and hair? You have to look amazing to stand out.

That is why here I recommend you read the following 10 steps to have a successful career as a webcam model.

1. Take care of your body

Learn to take care of yourself, to put on makeup, plan an exercise routine. Your appearance is vital for you to stand out in the industry and also for you to start loving yourself more, when this happens, your self-esteem will go up and people will notice it in your broadcasts.

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2. Active social networks

Social networks are the means by which you will make yourself known in a faster and safer way. We know that many girls have fears regarding their family or work environments, but if you want to stand out in the industry, you must put those fears away and take advantage of all the advantages that social networks offer you. Remember that you must be constantly active and natural to have a greater engagement with your users.

3. Prepare your show

Everything starts from before entering the room, you must prepare so that your days become more dynamic and not monotonous for you and for the users.

After someone walks into your room, you have about five seconds to captivate them. This means you need to have a great profile for viewers to see.

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4. Learn multiple languages

It is important that you learn the English language as a basic one since most of the people who surf the best webcam sites speak English. Spend a few hours a week learning languages ​​and you will see the results. Exotic looks can draw people into your chat room for a few minutes, but if you can’t communicate with them, they likely won’t stick around.

5. Customize your users

Feel comfortable having eye contact with your users, do not use the cell phone in transmission since that will not make your users feel safe in the room, be as natural as possible and practice different positions within the room so that you feel more and more comfortable. Talk to them by their names and find out in depth about their lives, so you are already winning.

6. Not everything is personal

Many times you will meet people who come to your chat and say horrible things about you, teasing, rudeness and so on. The solution is to ignore them, do not let them affect you and let their comments not take control in your chat, continue with your show and you will see how you eliminate those bad energies that they bring.

7. Fixed transmission times

This helps you get constant viewers since a timeline will be created where they will know what your broadcast schedule is and will visit you frequently. Increase your connection hours, you will see the benefits and also do not be hard on yourself, you can have your days off, be flexible, not everything is work.

8. Don’t do free shows

If you take it all away during a free show or you don’t meet token goals, why will they pay to enter a private chat room? Give them the incentive to want to pay to see what you’re not showing. People will understand that if they want nudes, they will have to pay for them.

9. Know your character

Create a character: name, location, life story, etc. You must remember all this because if one day you say that you are from Bogotá, but then you say that you are from Medellín the next day, someone will have been in both chat sessions and they will notice. Make up a whole story around this character, fill it with culture, interesting topics to talk with your users and others will make you a prosperous model.

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10. Save and clear goals

Take at least 25 percent of what you earn as a webcam and put it in a savings account. It is very important that you have this clear so that you can build your future outside the industry, at some point you may want to know where you have invested all your money and time and it will be unrewarding to realize that you could have done great things and not them. did.