If it’s beauty, charm, and wit you’re looking for then Melisa has them in spades. Break the ice and visit her room to see her in all her glory. Admire her long hair and piercing eyes and let yourself fall in love. And think about it: what better way to welcome the holidays than by spending them with Melisa? Drinking wine and enjoying the fireworks on New Year’s Eve.

Melisa is a sweet, down to earth, a girl who loves a good conversation and considers it the best foreplay one can have. Find out what she likes to talk about, what she is passionate about then chat away the night. She will do the same for you of course. It’s important to get to know each other, see what makes you guys thick. Share some fantasies, or maybe share how your day was. Anything goes. You two make the rules!


If brunette beauties are your thing then Melisa is the right girl for you. Enjoy and admire her long tresses. But beauty is not all that it is. Charm is another important thing. She can beguile you like no other. You won’t even realize when you’ve fallen head over heels with her. And finally, charm and beauty need that wit and smartness for the whole package to be complete. Melisa sure has a lot of brains to go with that pretty face.

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So, stop waiting and visit her room and have the time of your life with this wonderful beauty.