How to make sure your model is all ready for he first day online? Preparation is key to success, so we, as trainers, must work tirelessly to make sure we are always prepared. From the very beginning, when you start working with a new model, the very first step towards her becoming a camming star is an intensive training.

The camming training is a very well thought process, guiding the soon to be model through a series of excercises meant to help her understand and learn how to control everything that will be at her disposal while working. 

So how do we do that? Let’s see some tips&tricks:

1. Make the models feel safe

We all know people regard camming as a shady field. Usually, the less we know about something, the more we tend to make assumptions. People outside of the field mostly have prejudices regarding the level of exploitation, the fact that models are usually coerced into doing this work, make up all sort of stories about the type of person a model is.

However, the truth is, this is a safe environment from all perspectives. Legally, the models work within a contract. There are specific rules in place meant to protect models’ identity and private lives. The models’ personal limits are observed and respected by the support staff. This is an important issue when starting this job because a higher level of personal comfort higher level of personal comfort works best for the models’ mood and overall wellbeing.

2. Understand the models’ needs:

Everyone is unique and their needs differ. Maybe the most common denominator when choosing this job is MONEY! Of course, however, this is certainly not a job for anyone. Discuss with them their personal history. Encourage them to share their thought process when deciding to start camming and see how this job can fulfill and surpass their needs.
 It’s a demanding role so they need to understand that great benefits will only come with hard work. So help them find a goal. Whether it’s a new car, or house, exotic vacations or long-term investments, write it down on paper and create a scenario where they achieve it once they start giving their 100%. This is not a job where you can do things halfway.

3. Understand the models’ challenges

Every individual has their own limits, their own barriers and their own struggles. These are very personal and people tend to stick within the lines they themselves create. As their trainer, you need to be aware of these and work with them to give the model their best chance. Discuss them at length and provide workarounds, solutions to these challenges that will still respect their comfort zone.

Teach your models how to say NO.

It might seem like a minor thing. However, saying no in this environment is a challenge. Of course, everyone understands limits, but once money in involved, the power structure is a delicate balance.
So imagine you have what we call a “good member” in your private room. And he wants to “bend” a rule like having a roleplay where the model is underage. This is tricky by any standards. We all understand why it is wrong, however it’s only “make believe”, right? Well, however you morally judge it, it’s still against the rules on most platforms. So how do we shift the situation to our advantage without saying a big fat NO to a member who can potentially make us a LOT of money?


This is fantasy land. Understand where this fantasy comes from and propose a HOTTER version. Most of the times, if a model is asked to play a role where she is younger, less prepared, in need of discipline and so on the basic common denominator is a clear power ratio. The member wants to play themselves in a position where he clearly dominates and the model needs to be the submissive one. Once we are aware of this simple aspect, we just need to find a suitable alternative and SELL IT!
Working in this field is a lot like working in customer service. You get paid for a service you provide and when you do a good job people are more inclined to reward you with…tips.
So sell your alternative fantasy! If the member wants to play the private tutor to a 17 years old student, why not up the ante a little bit? He can be a University professor for a class that is really important to you and you really don’t want to fail…you would do ANYTHING to prevent that. Not much of a difference fantasy wise… except where it counts 😉

Interested to find out more tips and tricks from our professional trainers? Do you have someting to add? Don’t be shy and leave us a comment below, also stay tuned for the next parts of this article!