TikTok currently stands on the top of the list of guilty pleasures for many people. The app is used mostly by young people as an outlet to express themselves and allows users to create videos and share them with the community. It is a great source of entertainment, and also a good platform for people who want to build their brand. Here are a few tips for camgirls if you want to promote yourself on TikTok.

Be in sync with the Community Guidelines 

Like any other social media app, TikTok is also pretty strict when it comes to the type of content people share on it. So, if you want to keep your account active, you must follow their rules. This can be difficult for someone in the adult industry, but not impossible. You can thrive as a creator if you find a creative way to promote yourself! Because social media companies frequently alter their community guidelines, make it a practice to check once a month and be sure that you are still following them. 

You are an accountant now! 

Once you decide to create an account, or if you already have one but want to grow it, you must understand what this term is on this app. An accountant is basically slang for a sex worker. This comes from a viral TikTok that became a meme, and the rest is internet history, as it does with most things recently. The best way to access this part of the app is to use relevant hashtags. They give you the option of letting viewers know that you work in this industry, without really telling them. This way, you are safe from the community guidelines. While some creators dare to use hashtags such as #cammodel or #camgirl, it’s just not worth it! Instead of doing that, you can increase your chances of being seen by using the hashtags #Accountant and #TikTokAccountant in every post that you make.


Get new members 

Your main goal on this app is to attract at least some of your TikTok viewers back to your room, right? First things first, stay away from linking your room or any adult site for that matter, as that will undoubtedly result in a permanent ban. A better way to convert your followers into members is to link your social media reference landing page like Linktree or Friendsbio. If you are a more cautious type of person and want to play even safer, you can link only your Instagram and Twitter.

Get creative and upload quality content 

You already are charming and gorgeous. Keep that same energy when making TikToks and everyone will be coming back for more. Also, make sure that your lighting and video quality are excellent, and publish as frequently as possible. Learn how to take full advantage of all the unique features it offers, like Stitch or Duet. Find the most trending sounds and use them. If you are a funny person, use that to your advantage as well. Storytimes are also pretty popular, and I am sure that you have a lot of interesting tales to share with your audience, as a model. In addition to the #accountant hashtag mentioned above, use other relevant hashtags too. For example, #ForYourPage and #FYP are also very good. What they do is increase your chances of getting picked up by the TikTok algorithm, so your videos are recommended to users scrolling the app. 
On a final note, remember to have fun with it and be as creative as you like. Tiktok is a platform that allows you to express yourself in many creative ways, so be sure to simply follow their guidelines and you are all set. Next stop: success!