Twitter is the vast world where you stumble upon breaking news, unsolicited nudes and the type of polls that, weirdly, generate the “I want to vote” feeling. Over the years, the little bird blue icon has undergone a complete standardization, making it the go-to platform for content creators who are actively seeking to get a taste of the fan community feeling. Both cam models and content creators are able to stay in touch 24/7 with their members by posting photos of anything and everything to tweeting freaky, yet funny texts to… posting Twitter polls. 

One such avenue for hyping your fans is creating a digital poll to elicit feedback on upcoming content and basically encourage active participation. Just think about the gazillion things that would mix your career orientation with fan engagement through the simplicity of a question and a few answers. Hyping fans up about your upcoming photoshoot by doing a “what theme do you think it is?” or teasing your following by asking what lingerie colour you’re wearing – and the list is far from being finished. 

As a content creator, Twitter represents a unique digital opportunity to get creative when it comes to generating revenue. We all know that social media is the ultimate holy grail when we talk about productively enhancing the thing we always whine about – traffic. It means putting some extra effort off-cam indeed. Creating an online persona requires a lot of resources. While we are not necessarily talking about devices or Wi-Fi, but more about time, patience, research and imagination, every cam girl needs a little PR push. And who knows your brand better than you? Now, let’s dive into the magic of using polls on Twitter. 

twitter polls

First, WTF is a Twitter poll? 

One of the things that everybody loves about social media, but sadly not many use it, is that you are two taps away from actively engaging with your audience through polls. You can’t miss these customizable multiple-choice prompts, because they’re all over Instagram Stories, Twitter posts and even TikTok. Who doesn’t love to share this democratisation of public opinion, after all?

Using a poll not only encourages your fans to interact with you, but also gives you insightful data in terms of how much they engage with your posts, what are they most interested in and their personal preferences. Plus, since you have to work twice as hard to get all the various algorithms on your side these days to avoid being lost in the onslaught of other people’s posts, polls are key.

While any other type of media, such as photo, video and text content is the go-to solution here, thoughtfully crafted polls can help you get a better idea of the kind of fans you have. This, in turn, allows you to better tailor your content for maximum profits, solving two problems at once – whether it’s jokey pop culture polls about favourite shows, content-oriented polls, or the go-to Kamasutra position, the sky’s truly the limit.

twitter polls

1, 2, 3, start building the fan engagement! 

Creating the poll itself is an easy job – doesn’t take more than 10 seconds if you got a specific theme you are going for. If you don’t feel social media illiterate enough to come up with innovative topics, hop on Google for a quick FAQ rundown. Afterwards, we level up to the step where you have to set a goal for your poll. Ask yourself questions such as “What do I want to get out of this poll?” because there are a plethora of ways to go around the engagement toll – avoid getting overwhelmed by it through setting a clear objective. 

Using the information you glean from your interactions, you can focus a little extra attention on your loyal fan base’s personal preferences. Polls such as what is your favourite music, lingerie colour or fetish, you can tailor your next online show by checking your member’s boxes. If there is a request, there is surely going to be a response too – one that can be easily translated into top dollar earnings. Not to mention that polls make the fans feel like they’re a part of your process and keeps them invested in you.