If you just getting started in the webcam modeling industry and you are not quite sure where to start, it can be a bit daunting. We have all the best tips in one place!

Be welcoming

Always say hello to members that enter your chat room, ask how they are and how their day is going or has been….Simple yet effective nobody likes a silent type. Remember they are in your chat room because they have chosen you, so first impressions are everything!

Always wear a smile

This is very important for webcam modeling, picture yourself as the potential member who’s entered your room, imagine seeing yourself just sitting or standing there with no expression (looking rather bored) maybe yawning because your having a bad day or haven’t made as much money as you had hoped. The member is more than likely to exit your chat room without the need to blink! So always work your smile as it reassures potential members you are a bubbly happy character.

Wear sexy outfits

If you want to stand out from the crowd, it is essential for you to have a range of different outfits, we have seen a massive increase in earnings for webcam models who have at least 5 different outfits for their members. Don’t always wear your outfits every time you are online as some members do get off just by looking at you in a maid outfit… Just mention which outfits you have in the wardrobe and you will be surprised how many members want to take you into private!


If you are a webcam model and you don’t have a microphone, you might as well stop working. These days it is essential to have a good quality microphone if you want to become a successful webcam model! You don’t have to speak all the time, but we have noticed all the top performers use their voices instead of their fingers… you get what we mean… If there are a lot of members in your chat room talking to you, it can be hard to keep up with everything being asked or said by typing, so why not speak and reply to members instantly with your voice!


Lights, Camera, Action… Lighting is key for every webcam model, it can really make you look great (depending on your webcam). We advise not making yourself as bright as a star but also not too dark so it doesn’t look like you are in some sort of dungeon. A balance of light can do wonders, we advise having at least two lights pointing at you. A key light – which should point to your head and a fill light should point down to the rest of your body.


Always make sure you can set a schedule and stick to it! Companies reward models on placings on their sites if you are constantly sticking to your scheduled times.


Make sure your room or wherever you performing is clutter-free and less distracting for your members, remember you want to be the focal point, not your dirty laundry lying in the background.


Once a member has taken you into private chat make sure you don’t rush to pleasing him/her straight away, also don’t take too long before you decide to show some flesh. A great way to start off is by asking them what they are into and what they would like you to do. Remember the more time a member spends in your private chat the more money you make, so try to be pleasing but at a rate that isn’t going to make the member blow within 1 minute!