Anyone who has started a job as a webcam model knows it`s not an easy task to be recognized and followed by clients. It’s even harder to feature the top charts on streaming platforms. Most models who seek to be on top while filling their rooms with users work very hard. They are also consistent in streaming hours and very active on their social media posting and image. From the perspective of a social media manager, I can tell three things that will help you develop and improve as a webcam model.

Social media handle

As a person whose daily task is to grow accounts and build interaction this is key. I highly recommend models to build social media profiles as glamorous and authentic as possible. This industry is driven by looks, so to catch someone’s eye projecting yourself as beautiful and exclusive as possible is vital. Post every day to be present on people’s feeds and stories. Create interactive and original content to keep them around. The more frequently they see content of you the more they will wonder what you are up to.   

Photo shooting, angles and inspiration

Of course being active on social media is a rule in this job, but so is the quality and manner in which you display this content. Professional webcam studios strive to photograph and present models as professional, glamorous and attractive as possible. If possible, have a cellphone with a good camera. The better the photos presented on platforms, the more the audience is likely to come looking around. 

Another advice for you would be to target a model you like, look for similarities and try copying some of her posing. Take lots of photos and analyse which angles work best for you. Highlight body attributes and be natural in front of the camera. For more details read: The kind of content you should be creating to qrush it

Work on your English

Not everything is looking physically attractive. As most clients are english speakers, having a good english level makes a huge difference. Models that have the best results practice the language and show commitment to improve in their communication with users. Being attentive and talkative will keep them on the loop.  

As a conclusion, this article points out the importance of building an image while also growing as a top model. You can also  read how to be a high earning webcam model. Try about being authentic that way you will never have to pretend. Work hard, be consistent and fake it till you make it.