Have you ever wondered how is it to be a cam model while you’re still living with your parents? Maybe you want to became a model but your afraid they will somehow find out. Then no worries! I am here to give you some tips on how to be discrete.

Tip #1 The Set Up

The first thing I ever did when I have turned 18, was to buy a laptop. If you don’t have a laptop or PC then this is the first thing that you need to buy. I mean, everyone have one and I just told my parents that I have a remote job in customer service an voila. The webcam was of course for the Zoom calls and meetings.

Remember that this is also normal remote job and you should treat it as it is!

Tip #2 Lingerie and Schedule

I used to order a lot of things online but after I decided to become a cam model I had to stop. So I went shopping to the nearest shops and malls for what I needed. You can always buy costumes and lingerie offline and hide it in your bag. But what about the schedule? Well, this is the complicated part. I will had to find a way to understand my parents work schedules first so I could better understand how to create mine.

Whenever they went to work, I had my lingerie ready, my makeup and hair done and I was ready for the action. But, of course I had to be very discrete about it, this means I was never leaving things on the bed or something else. In order to do this you have to be very organized.

Tip #3 Noise cancellation

As a teenager, I used to play my music very loud when my parents were at home sleeping, so it was no news for them. But this was my luck I guess, because after I became a cam model it helped me covering the noise the toys did and also mine.

Music can also set the mood right, so you should use it as a powerful secret tool. It will boost your confidence and the members enjoys that too.

Tip #4 Consciousness

At first I used to be very nervous while I was live and I knew that my parents are at home and they can catch me at any given moment. My members could tell that something was off. So I had to find a way of getting over this. I have transformed everything into a fetish somehow. Now whenever I am live, I think about the fact that I can be discovered at any given moment and it just makes me more excited. I love it, the rush is amazing.

Tip #5 Save those money

Cam while your parents are at work. Cam while your parents are asleep. But remember to always save money for the future, for your dreams. This way you can one day maybe move out of their place and live the life you always dreamed of.

Remember that it’s better safe than sorry! So make sure to be agile and discrete!