You decided to make the big step and to plunge into the glamorous life of a cam girl. It’s not all Pink hearts and red roses, but most of the time you get to have a lot of fun. Here are some words of wisdom from other fellow models about their most funny experiences:

Aubrey Nova:
– My funniest experience? Gosh… where should I start? A member from France wanted me to teach me some french words. All this happened at the end of a long day, so my willingness to learn a new language was 0. After a few failed attempts, he told me to turn around, spank myself (because I was such a bad girl) and yell “cou-cou” with my best French accent.

Eva Devine

– Ha Ha! I have funny experiences every day. One of my dearests is the “small friend”. I have a member that enjoys being shrank. So I shrink his image and walk him all over the screen. Another funny story that happened to me recently… I taught a member how to fold towels. I showed him how to do that step by step, and congratulate him for his flawless results :))




– Oh my God! I absolutely have to tell you about this funny story! One time, in the summer camp… no no, just kidding haha. One time during a private, a member told me that he is a big fan of Tom & Jerry, and he wanted to role play. He was Tom and I was Jerry, of course. He told me to act like a mouse and to hide under the blanket.

Alessia Rosse:

– One guy had an unusual fetish about belly buttons. He believed that you can communicate with your soul through the belly button, so he asked me to give a close up to my belly and stick the mike into my belly button.



Sophy Davis:

– I have a member that is a personal trainer. When we go to private chat he asks me to do all kind of physical training. He once told me to do a handstand and I did… for 2 seconds before I hit the floor.


Jessica Weill:

– One guy asked me if I have a hairbrush. I said yes, who doesn’t? I showed him the hairbrush and he asked me to slap my boobs and sing the national anthem.