Human sexuality is a variated and diverse entity.

One of the benefits that the webcam industry has brought its wide-ranging consumer segment.The ability to tailor the cam experience to the individual user’s taste and liking. Cam models can set their own goals for what they want to achieve with a given show on a live streaming site, but they can also receive requests from customers.

Most men are embarrassed by their fetishes, but after creating a connection with their favorite model they begin to unleash their imagination.

“A guy should never feel embarrassed about his fetish,” says Lenna K. She has been a cam model for five years. “I usually tell him what I can do and where my line goes.”

Most of us agree that one should not be scolded because of one’s desires, so please see the following list of bizarre requests for cam models as a tribute to sexual diversity:

“One of the strangest experiences was when I was paid to sing the anthem of the country I was from and the flag hung on the wall. It was very funny, I have no inclination towards music.It has since become a show I perform on a regular basis because it’s fun. ” Caily J .

“A member asked me to show him pictures from childhood until now and to place them in chronological order. He comes in weekly and spends $ 1,000 to keep track of my progress.” Rinna B.

“Some members make me dress up in different Egyptian goddesses and pretend to come from that era. At this point I know Egyptian mythology perfectly, I never thought I would deal with history.I had to learn about each god in order to know the particularities of each one.” Jenny T.

“The coolest and weirdest experience at the same time was when I was paid to order from the most expensive restaurant in town and eat in front of the camera and then do fitness exercises so I wouldn’t gain weight. For 2 years I have been fulfilling this fantasy every week for my member.” Catterin L.