Brace yourselves – the day when your social media feeds will get flooded with roses, chocolate and romantic dinners is swiftly approaching. But this means more than stumbling upon everything that is Valentine’s day themed in the grocery stores and receiving corny, never-ending texts from your ex. Since roses are red and violets are blue, you have the heart-shaped chance to cash in too – pssst, if you didn’t know, V-day is the bittersweet celebration that makes lonely individuals flock to camming platforms. Is it just me or has the money bell started ringing out loud? If you haven’t made plans to spend Valentine’s Day on cam, you will deffo do it now.

In February’s half-time, the traffic surges (oh, how we’ve been waiting for this one), money flies, and models embark on thousands of dollars shifts. That’s because a) if you ask Alexa about the top 10 most clicked porn sites, half of them revolve around camming and b) there are dozens of single individuals who search for the lonely heart cure that the mainstream porn biz just doesn’t possess. That’s why most camming models have February 14 circled on the calendars – and you should be no exception to that rule of thumb. 

valentine's day on cam

Table for two? 

Gone are the days when the camming universe seemed like a beauty contest – now the top-earning models might not showcase the prettiest faces, but you can bet they have extremely magnetic personalities. And that’s one of the most important elements on lovers’ day. Performers are getting better and better at connecting with their audience. So, we would highly recommend focusing less on the physical stuff and more on the seemingly unbreakable and romantic bond. 

Yes, romantic. Lest you think this is all about sex, the best shows involve a meeting of the minds. Raking in big bucks from lonely hearts could easily translate into candlelight dinner for two, via the browser. It sounds like just any other Valentine’s Day date,  except for that whole gazing-into-her-eyes-through-a-screen thing. It’s like FaceTiming when you are in an LDR. And then there are members who can pay up to 20 bucks a minute if you are savvy enough to tap into the romantic camming dates market. 

The show must go on 

Nothing brings that romantic vibe to the dancefloor more than some Valentine’s Day themed shows. Be it the all-time classic strawberries and cream leitmotif or the bold step to stream from a hot tub while sipping on champagne, scheduled shows are doomed to be successful if users can find a safe getaway in it. 

Don’t forget that shows during this time frame should be about love, inner peace and release – you could say that they are more giving about receiving. Anyway, make sure you plan them ahead of time and don’t wake up, covered in sweat thanks to the stress of realising it is the 13th and you haven’t prepared anything.

If you use sticky notes to your advantage and already know what’s going to happen in your chatroom on V-day, make sure your members know too. Be it via social media posts or mass messages on the platform you’re working on, your loyalfan base should be updated with your romantic plans. Maybe they will save up some tokens for your Valentine’s day appearance or put you at the top of their to-do list on the 14th. 

valentine's day on cam

But… Valentine’s Day on cam is about you, too

Camming can be stressful and you can get lost in the planning, promoting, lights, camera and technical aspects, but remember: you should always be having fun. It’s not all about what you are getting, but also what you are giving. You are giving people the opportunity to feel loved on a holiday they might not otherwise get the chance to celebrate at all. And when you start to make other people feel loved, you will start to feel the love as well.