If your eyes look dull and tired, staying hydrated or using the magic of make-up can help brighten the whites of your eyes. Especially, when you use your face and eyes for professional interest, you need your best version. In front of the camera, you need a perfect make-up and self-confidence 100%.

How to brighten your eyes with makeup

  1. Applying white or nude eyeliner on your waterline (the area between your bottom lashes and your eyeball) is an easy way to make your eyes look brighter. Unlike dark eyeliner’s defined, sultry effect, lining your eyes with white creates the illusion of wider, brighter eyes.
  2. Highlighter isn’t just for your cheekbones. Adding a pop of highlight on the inner corners of your eyes reflects light and makes your eyes look brighter and more awake. Apply highlight on its own, or after your base eyeshadow, using a small precision brush in a tapping motion. Just don’t get too heavy-handed. Appling a ton of highlight can reflect too much light and give you more of a disco ball gaze.
  3. ⦁ Once your lashes are curled, adding a coat or two of mascara helps increase the drama. The contrast of the dark mascara and the additional lifting effect on your lashes will help your eyes look more open and bright. If you have sensitive eyes, though, choose a hypoallergenic formula to avoid irritation.

Drinking plenty of water is critical to your overall health and gives your skin and eyes a hydrated, bright glow. Wetter is better for your eyes! If you find it hard to down eight glasses a day to stay hydrated, try carrying around a reusable water bottle or infusing your H2O with fruit for added flavor. And remember: if the weather is hot and humid, or you’re being active, you’ll need even more water.

   A model who's working at a videochat studio must pay attention to clothing, hairstyle, behavior, facial expressions, body language and the most important thing MAKE-UP. For a videochat model, make-up is the secret weapon to attract as many members as possible and not ultimately to build self-confidence. A well-finished make-up helps to build THE confidence and automatically helps to have a good vibe to be able to work in the best conditions.