If people in business realised how much power they have with their voices and their bodies, the sky would be the limit to their success. Two of the greatest assets we have are a part of us and always have been: our voices and our bodies, or to be more specific, the non-verbal communication components of eyes, facial expressions, gestures, and posture. These are only two basic things you need to know. That being said, let’s see how to use your voice as a Cam Girl.

Take care of the volume

How to use your voice as a Cam Girl

Normally we speak at a moderate volume, and that’s great, but it can also be our death. In order to keep our member’s attention, we need to alternate, at the appropriate times, loud and soft. Volume adjustments are a great way to reel people in, and changes in volume can make you seem unpredictable and wildly interesting. If you’re a speaker who talks loud the entire time, you will need to add some moderate and some soft. Also, one of the coolest additions to volume is when someone talks softly when everyone thinks they’re going to be loud because that’s the norm.

Most people speak at a moderate rate of speed, but there are some people who talk quite rapidly and others who talk slowly. The bottom line, no matter what your regular rate of speed is, you want to make sure you incorporate all three speeds, fast, slow, and moderate, into your speaking with the majority of your speech being moderate. The main reason for choosing moderate speed rather than fast is because it takes listeners a minute to catch up and “hear” what you said after the words come out of your mouth.

Trigger the mind

How to use your voice as a Cam Girl

If you talk too fast, people will give up trying to stay with you and will stop listening. If your rate of speed is too slow, your listeners will check out because they’re bored. Ideally, try doing a combination of a moderate pace, fast pace, and slow pace. Besides this, make sure that you know when to use trigger words. Getting sweet nicknames for a member is fine, but knowing how to say that word is a masterpiece.

Women shouldn’t try to go really low and instead should alternate moderate pitch with an occasional pop here and there of low and high. If your normal speaking voice is really high, you may consider adjusting your natural pitch to something a little more moderate. High pitches also can be annoying if they’re too high and have no variables. Low pitches, on the other hand, are not hard to listen to; in fact, most people really like them. Be careful, however, if you tend to speak in a low tone that you shake up your speaking with varying speed and volume.

There are many things that get a member addicted to you, but the voice is definitely one of them. After the first impression that is the look, the thing that remains in the member’s mind is the conversation, so that’s your way to his heart, or wallet 🙂