We all know that masturbation is a tricky subject for most people out there and the differences between women and men on this topic are interesting to say the least.

For a man, masturbation is pretty easy: a bottle of lube, an open tab on PornHub, some tissues and a strong grip should do the trick. But for women, masturbation is a bit more complex.

Women can’t really masturbate wherever and whenever they want, they don’t usually go for the orgasm and they’re not reading Fifty Shades Of Grey every time they want to get in the mood, as you would probably think.

So what happens behind closed doors? What makes a woman different than a man when we’re talking about masturbation?

Female Daily Masturbation

Female Daily Masturbation

A woman achieves an orgasm faster without you

Don’t be sad, it’s not you, it’s her.

It’s actually normal for a woman to pleasure herself better than you and she will have an orgasm in half the time by herself. Why? Because us women know ourselves better than anyone, we know our pleasure spots better, we know how to touch ourselves to our liking.

When a woman masturbates, she is focusing only on her pleasure, rather than on yours and she knows exactly what she wants and how to get there. For a woman it takes up to 2 or 3 minutes to reach climax on their own, but it will take up to 10 or more with a partner.

Female DailyMasturbation

Female DailyMasturbation

A woman doesn’t do it that often

NO!! We don’t wake up horny in the morning like you guys do. We always wake up sleepy, wanting to brush our teeth and drink a cup of coffee. But you guys almost every time wake up with a boner and masturbate. We’re not like that, we like it to be a bit special.

Women don’t do it that often. Most of them do it before or after having their period, which means like once or twice a month. There’s just a 10% of the ladies out there that masturbate 3 times a week, so gentlemen, if you got that lucky, good for you.

Female DailyMasturbation

Female DailyMasturbation 

Women like to prep for it

You men can do it anytime, anywhere, as long as you find something that turns you on – all the fap fap memes out there –

But for women, the environment is everything. We like to set the mood, maybe light some candles, be in our own bed, with the lights out, maybe have a nice bath before starting self-pleasure. We need our heads to be in the game otherwise we will get distracted and lose all desire.

Don’t get me wrong, not all women are the same, maybe some do actually enjoy the thrill of masturbating in a public place, at work, in the public bathroom, and good for them. But most prefer to be in the privacy of their own bed.



A woman’s touch is softer

When you guys masturbate, you need a firm grip, you go fast and just stick to an up and down motion. Women like it slower, with a gentle touch and just when they reach the point of orgasm is when they go a bit faster. But let’s talk about that “gentle touch”. Yes boys, a gentle touch is better than something rough, we climax faster if you touch the clitoris softer. Remember that.

Some women don’t care if they climax

Wait what?? Yes gentlemen, despite what you’re used to, fap fap and you’re done, we actually enjoy the process of masturbation. It’s more about taking the time for ourselves, feel good, feel sexy, let those hormones free and if there’s a climax or not, it’s up to us.



Women always want more

No no gentlemen, it’s not about the fact that you didn’t perform well. When you guys have an orgasm it’s like an explosion and it creates a huge physical release. It consumes a lot of energy and that’s why you want to take a nap right after.

Women have physical orgasms as well, but they’re not that consuming. An orgasm lasts for seconds and usually we want more, we want to go again, feel that good again and prolong the pleasure. That’s why we’re still horny and ready for the second round in seconds.

So dear men…if you want to make your girl happy and give her the time of her life, let her masturbate with you. Most of them will enjoy watching you watch them. I know I do…

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