Imagine the following scenario – you just bought a high-end camera that will display your shows in a mind-blowing quality and you are impatiently waiting for the sexy lingerie you ordered a few days ago. Practically, you are almost ready to go and conquer the site you are streaming on while making the users’ jaws drop. But bear in mind that as a newbie, you know little (or nothing) about the dark side of live streaming websites. Camming isn’t this pink world where unicorns jump around fluffy clouds, full of glitter. Sometimes it can be that too, but that doesn’t cover up for the times when camming websites are this almost lawless universe, where you can be bamboozled with every click you make. Member manipulation can enter the chat room at any time.

If you are lucky (and by lucky I mean winning-the-lottery lucky), you will meet a handful of users who will go above and beyond their spectator status. But camming is also sprinkled with members who are totally the opposite, best characterised by their constant manipulation and desire to trick you. While a “new model” status can be a blessing since everybody will click on the freshest face’s chatroom, it also can be a curse. So you better buckle up and prep yourself mentally from the very get-go. 

Member manipulation

Third party payments are crap

There are going to be times when a user will enter your chatroom and just type “paypal”, followed by a dizzy question mark. Never – and if I say never, I mean not even if you are broke af – accept any form of payments if it isn’t the currency the website is working with. Your religion should be tips and tokens, not Skype dates and Amazon gift cards. 

For example, Paypal can be refunded, Amazon cards can be faker than Kim Kardashian’s butt and live streaming shows on other mediums limits your chances of earning tokens. There will always be some crazy dude that will try to see you naked for free. Because the “babe I will have credits tomorrow” is sepia history and nobody uses it anymore, most cheapskates will offer you gift cards that end up as frauds. If users cannot offer tokens for whatever reason (they are imaginative, trust me), focus on the next guy who will. 

Member manipulation

Not comfy with something? Ditch it!

When you start camming as a rookie, you don’t know where your sexual boundaries are. Maybe you discover that you are in BDSM, but totally despise anal. Let time define them. But with every online session, you are going to bump into users that will ask you to fulfill their deepest fantasies. Some of those are going to be the things that you’d rather die than doing them. 

If you say “no, I am not comfortable with that”, some members are just going to leave your chatroom and go on with their day. But some are going to push you into doing them, by spamming the chat and ruining your mood. They have no right whatsoever to destroy the overall vibe of your chat room, so don’t feel pressured to say yes. Say no, block them or ban them. Your own wishes are much more valuable than 100 tokens, so always remember that. 

Never let member manipulation ruin your day

Moral of the story? Never allow anyone to sucker you into offering you a payment method that excludes the site and pressuring you into doing the things you don’t want. In the end, what these people want is to control you – say this, do this, give me that. You hold the reins in your room, so act like it. Smile, bat your eyelashes, and focus on another user.